Sometimes we try too hard to generate leads with your content – the harder your content tries to generate leads or boost conversions, the more likely it is to fail at doing so. Yet at the same time, content that focuses on audience engagement at the expense of a call-to-action may yield only lackluster commercial results, so make sure to create content that enables higher sales without turning people off:

Create content that’s actually useful With our blog we focus on content that will help Mayakoba visitors with information that they want or need. The better we understand guests, the more useful our content will be to them.If content isn’t useful it better be so we target our content at the most fundamental interests, aspirations, and concerns that everyone has in and around visiting a luxury destination. Sell through the channel, not the content. Through all the activities we undertake be it special events, social media, blog & PR activities we serve our present and potential visitors with something useful or hit them with a powerful message, they’re most likely ready to buy – or at least learn more about your business. The channels our hotels then have in place make it as easy as possible for them to take that next step. We don’t just encourage Facebook audiences to like our page: we have set up Buy Now button in our event posts to drive them to reserve now. Our main goal with Mayakoba’s content strategy is not to sell, but to deliver powerful narratives & stories that directly affect audience members on an emotional level and consequently motivate them to want to discover the destination or become part of the lifestyle perhaps investing in a home in Mayakoba. Creating content that is meaningful, attractive, community driven & impeccably communicated is an intricate part of what we do.