We sometimes forget how beneficial team -member loyalty can be for the entire operation of our hotels. Growth and the bottom line are primarily results of guest loyalty, which is a direct result of guest satisfaction. Satisfaction is essentially influenced by team members being engaged and loyal to the property. We want to turn our team members into “loyal raving fans” of our properties, and we also want our guests to be “loyal raving fans». Those leaders who sincerely care about their team members and are open to ideas from their team will develop cultures of teamwork, which will increase guest satisfaction. As one of my team members recently mentioned to me, “Always make the guest feel at home”. This practice will indeed drive loyalty and will reduce team-member turnover. The costs associated with high team-member turnover are not only significant in terms of monetary value but are also costly in terms of quality and service, which has a direct impact on guest retention and, of course, loyalty.

So remember — embrace your team and their ideas because those team members who are engaged, passionate, creative and committed to providing the highest quality are those who successfully increase guest loyalty.