WCM Senior Mexico Open in Punta Mita 

Over my career we have had the opportunity to create or bring to the table a number of different world class events. From the Masters of Food & Wine in Mendoza to Sao Paulo Food & Wine Fest &  Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf along  Punta Mita Festival de Jazz they have all been a key part in promoting the destinations or hotels which we were managing at the time. Today comes another event what will surely be part of that same legacy : attracting – creating – discovering a world class event that fits Punta Mita like a glove. It is something Jean Van de Velde and myself have been discussing since I played in the Senior French Open of Golf at St Cloud in Paris a few years back and now together we are happy to announce that Punta Mita will be hosting the Inaugural WCM Senior Mexico Open on the Pacifico Golf Course between the 14th & 17th of November 2024.  More details below and come and join us. Viva Punta Mita.