Trends in the making 2019

As one travels, reads and observes it is always good to take note :

Travelers continue to seek out hotels with strong eco-credentials; they increasingly want to ensure that their interactions on holiday are sustainable. It their heightened interest in animal related experiences such as visiting animal protection facilities or observing animals in the wild.

The Instagram effect continues unabated – travelers are looking to find the most captivating backdrops. Photos are no longer just for memories – they are to ensure bragging rights across half a dozen social media portals.

Veganism moves forward

Personalization – it never went away anyway

Experiential travelers look for the next big thing to explore, away from the crowds; from discovering an ‘off the beaten track’ destination to exploring lesser known areas and surprises surrounding a popular area.

It is a year of ‘bite sized travel’ – squeezing in curated travel itineraries into shorter time frames. Travelers are taking more weekend trips in 2019 thanks to better flight routes, transport, on-demand car rentals along with a desire to fit in more experiences

Travelers now want to peel back the layers of a destination, and luxury increasingly means authentic experiences.

Safe travels amigos