In my opinion the meet and greet is one of the most important parts of the customer service experience. We are assessed by our customers within the first few seconds and, rightly or wrongly, they will have formed and opinion about our business within that time. Of course, this option may change throughout the interaction, but we can be miles in front if we do a good job with the meet and greet.
We should constantly review our meet and greet process in all areas of our operation. If someone walks into our hotel or bar spa or restaurant is it very clear to them what they should do next? Remember we see the same place, day in and day out, but for many of our customers it´s all new.
If you find it annoying to go into a business that is ambiguous about what you should do next. Should you go to the counter to place and order? Should you stand around feeling awkward until someone comes and serves you? Or should you start walking around the business until you find someone to help you? It can be very confusing if the business doesn´t make this clear.
In a restaurant there may be an awkward moment when you are uncertain about whether you should take a seat or wait until someone comes over and escorts you to a table. Depending on the business it may be aproppriate that you actually shake hands to introduce yourself; for others it may be as simple as welcoming the customer, telling them your name and asking how you can help them. However it works for your business, make certain that the meet and greet is fast, friendly and confidence-inspiring.
First impressions are lasting.