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A career in hospitality is without doubt a challenging one in which to attain some sort of work/life balance. There is always something going on — a guest who needs attention or an issue that needs addressing. So how do we ensure our people not burn the candle at both ends — and burn out of hospitality?

Managing time and technology is definitely a challenge, even more so than when I started out in my career. Today, and particularly in resorts, we often feel we must be on call 24/7, especially as guests can now communicate with us from anywhere in the world at any time — through social media, email etc.

How our team members manage their workloads and time efficiently is a key concern. How do we learn to shut off technology or at least take a break? We’re testing some of these ideas & how we can ensure a balanced environment for all our colleagues and guarantee the needed coverage yet allow the team necessary time off. It requires discipline, caring, leadership, example all together and for all alike.

When we talk about the definition of luxury for our guests, today it can mean many things — service, product and, yes, time. Many affluent travelers share that luxury for them is a hotel anticipating their needs, streamlining processes and creating programs that give them more time for themselves and family. So why shouldn’t our colleagues enjoy the same?

Think about your typical day. Do you consider an hour to reflect on the past week’s events, plan for 12 months ahead or even simply mentally recharge for the work ahead to be a real luxury you can’t afford? We can’t afford not to if we want to excel in our professional and personal life.