As we begin another phase of our Journey we are indeed pleased to announce the forming of this fund which allows the family to give back to Punta Mita – a place we have called home over the last 5 years. We have embraced Peace and the kids at school since we arrived and find that creating this fund will in more than one way continue our link to a destination that has and will always hold a special place in our hearts. We thank you for your friendship and for your continued support.

Scholarship Mission

This scholarship would enable High School children that attend PEACE programs, who have demonstrated academic potential and are motivated to succeed the opportunity to attend a better education in a well-recognized private Mexican High School closer to Puerto Vallarta.

Peace Mission

To facilitate local development based on self-reliance, self-sufficiency and with full participation and ownership of the entire community through Education, Community Pride and Health/Lifestyle

The Emberson Family

Sabine and Carl Emberson as well as their daughter Tatiana have been an integral part of the PEACE organization through their incredible support. Carl has embraced every opportunity to help out, whether feeding the children who attend the “AVANCA” program breakfast every morning, providing children with apprentice opportunities at the St Regis Hotel or providing space at the hotel to run the Youth and Women empowerment programs. He never misses an opportunity to raise funds for PEACE through Fun Runs, Pack for Peace or Festivals like Flavors Punta Mita to mention just a few.

Sabine’s role within PEACE was in helping in the development of the education programs. She was always ready and willing to listen and help on any issues surrounding education with her incredible understanding and insight of the Mexican Culture. Their daughter Tatiana volunteered 6 months teaching English to the Kindergarden children who loved her enthusiasm, warmth and kindness and dynamic teaching skills. Tatiana also volunteered her time in organizing the annual Primavera Festival. Our younger daughter Chiara whenever in town would always join us for one or more of the breakfasts with the kids at Peace.

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This Scholarship is in honor of their commitment and generosity to social improvements in our Punta de Mita communities.

Funds Raised

For transparency and legal issues PEACE, Punta de Mita will be responsible for the funds raised for this scholarship. Sabine alongside Cecilia Paredes will select candidate(s) to receive a scholarship(s). Sabine will present the scholarship to the winning candidate (s) on an annual basis

The criteria that need to be met by students in order to qualify for the scholarship:

· Superior grades – 9+

· Display discipline, cooperation and motivation

Parental involvement:

· Financial: provide funds for transportation, food, books and uniforms if possible

· Provide emotional support to their children

· Attend parental meetings

· Attend “Descubrite”

· Attend evaluation meetings every 3 months between the school, Peace and parents

The Scholarship will run for a minimum of 3 years per student to see them through completion of their High School education and then will be re-evaluated. The Emberson Family commits that the Scholarship will run for a minimum 3 years with a minimum guaranteed funding of $5000 US per year for those 3 years. To Deposit Funds please see below and please reference The Emberson Scholarship Fund – Peace Punta Mita

Checks should be made payable to PEACE USA, and mailed with a reference note “for PPM” to:

7319 Vista del Mar Avenue.
La Jolla CA. 92037

Wire Transfer
Account name: PEACE USA
Account number: 153664969521
Routing number: 122235821
Swift code: USBKUS44IMT
Bank address: US Bank, 7733 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

Stock Transfer
Our account is with TD Ameritrade.
Please contact Valerie Ewell for account number and process.
For all questions, contact Valerie Ewell at [email protected]


Canadian Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation
Peace Punta de Mita, A.C. partners with Canadian Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation, a Revenue-Canada approved charity.

Checks should be made payable to Canadian Children’s Shelter of Hope or CCSHF with a reference note “for PPM” and mailed to:

87 Lavinia Ave
Toronto, ON
M6S 3H9

Wire Transfer
Contact Anne-Marie Haynes for wire transfer information.
For all questions contact Anne-Marie Haynes at: 905-272-3396 [email protected]

México (en dólares):

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