Tequila is arguably Mexicos most famous expat! Over the past decade we have seen it evolve from shots in divey bars and clubs to become part of the craft – cocktail resurgence. Sophisticated drinkers are beginning to place tequila alongside scotches & rums as something to savor. In the meantime Mezcal tequilas cousin with smoky undertones has become par for the course and many a respectable cocktail menu.
Now say Hola to Sotol & Raicilla – both pack big and unusual flavors. Both have been around for ages in Mexico – today they debut in USA
Sotol from the sotol plant is native to the Sonoran desert – you can smell it mile off when someone opens a bottle!
Raicilla from Jalisco is a type of Mezcal with a distinct taste somewhat sour.
I am sticking to my Tequila however it is certainly worth noting the evolution.