Surf is up in Punta Mita

Home to some of the most pristine beaches that touch the shores of crystal clear blue waters, you truly cannot go wrong when visiting and surfing in beautiful Punta de Mita. The area is know for its luxurious hotels and resorts, but is also here that you will find the best and most consistent waves in and around Puerto Vallarta.

How To Get here 

Lcated in a quiet and tranquil area of Mexico, it’s just a 50 minutes drive north from the Puerto Vallarta Airport where you head nearly 40 miles North toward Sayulita and then get off Federal Highway 200 at a town called La Cruz de Huanacaxtle; where there will be plenty of signs along the way. Along with the fantastic location, the natural landscape and breathtaking sights that make up nearly every inch of this place should be enough to convince you to head here for at least a week or two.

The Surf Breaks

These are the surf breaks where to go surfing in Punta de Mita.


Good for usually only longboarders and perfect for beginners as the break is slow and steady. This right point break is located directly in front of La Quinta del Sol, to the left of the jetty providing cover to the the small fishing boats (hence the name of the spot).

 El Anclote:

An excellent swell for beginners looking to practice more as the break is a slow and long one. Come here on a good  day and you’re bound to enjoy some of the longest rides you’ll ever get, but it can also get crowded. Still the wave is a lot of fun, better suited for SUP and longboarders  even on the biggest days (6 -9 ft) though you will see shortboarders too. The break is right in front of Hotel Cinco with the ocean being 7 steps away, literally.


Good for both right and left rides as well as both longboarders and shortboarders. The right is a faster and much steeper wave which can take you all the way to the beach. Bahia is just around the tip of Punta de Mita, in front of the Four Season’s hotel. It’s exposed to the open ocean so once the wind picks up it gets bumpy and messier, but then again is one of the most consistent spots. To get here you can walk for about an hour along the shore (pebbles and stones) or rent a panga boat (small local boat) that will drop you there in under 15 minutes.

La Lancha:

Punta Mita’s  appropriately named  El Surf Club on it’s doorstept has By far the most consistent wave in the area that works for both long board and short boards. Often much better at incoming or outgoing tide.  It’s a point break that offers some good long rides when there;s a good swell, the left being faster and steeper, the right longer and more enjoyable for regular surfers. Watch out for the shallow rock that is usually at the take off spot, and be on the lookout for turtles while enjoying the ride!.The break can hold waves up to 10 ft, usually closing out if bigger.

Punta Burros:

 A little steeper than La Lancha but just as consistent and also good short and longboarders. The wave is a little faster than la Lancha so shortboarders will prefer this wave, except for the crowd that can get very competitive on the bigger days. It’s a reef break though not shallow, unless you ride the wave all the way to the shore during low tide. You can get here by boat from El Anclote (20 minute).

Surfing in Punta de Mita is a blast for surfers of all levels and abilities, with breaks to suit all skills. Most of the times the swells are under the 5 foot range, but if you’re flexible and keep track of the forecasts you can get here when the waves are really pumping. The breaks at Faro and Bahia are usually less crowded than the rest just because they pretty much require a boat to get to, but on a good day any of them will be a lot of fun. If surfing during mid day remember to take plenty of sunblock or a rashguard, and  also water as there is nowhere to get any food or drinks except at Anclote. Here at hotel Cinco we organize surf trips with panga boats for our guests and visitors, can arange surf lessons and have SUPS and surfboards for rent. Enjoy surfing in Punta de Mita!