Some thoughts on being a hotelier

a vocation to serve

We all long to be understood and to feel like we belong. This is true no matter who we are and no matter where we might travel or why.

Hoteliers know this, and I believe many would say this is why they love their jobs. Every day brings a fresh wave of guests, each one with his or her own experiences, expectations and reasons for being on the road or at our front door . Every day so many hoteliers around the globe go above and beyond to deliver experiences that make those millions of guests feel truly known and welcomed.

Over the years I have learnt a truth that is fundamental to our industry: True Hospitality is delivered when you know the unique expectations of each guest and find ways to exceed those expectations, time after time. There are many ways one can achieve this goal for the guests they serve, from personalization and amenities to creating inspiring spaces and memorable experiences. I continue to be inspired and energized to learn how all of us, working together, create not just value but a sense of belonging for all our Members and guests that visit Punta Mita

I salute my fellow hoteliers and all those who serve with the vocation of making Punta Mita such a magic place for so many

A Day in the life of a hotelier