For many cultures barbecuing is an integral part of everyday life. I grew up down under where BBQs are in intrinsic part of Relaxed Aussie outdoor living. It was however in Argentina & Uruguay that my passion for asados was ignited and not many a weekend go by where I don’t light up the parrilla be it just for Sabine or I or a crowd!

Recently around the globe this once domestic activity has grown in influence in culinary circles and now dominate menus from Sydney to San Antonio and London to Buenos Aires.
A number of favorites come to mind: El Palenque in Montevideo, La Brigada or La Cabrera in Buenos Aires, Baby Beef Faria Lima São Paulo & Mexico City, La Huella in Punta del Este, Gaucho Grill in London, Sonora Grill in Puerto Vallarta and Firedoor in Sydney to name but a few. I would be amiss to not mention asados on San Alberto Farm in Uruguay – they are a journey to the roots of the Gaucho culture and absolutely delicious and a pleasure to witness the whole asado process – it looks so simple really however I promise it takes patience & passion to get it right

For me bbqs are more than the smoking or the cuts or techniques – it is about bringing together friends and families and enjoying the moment.

For our family the asado is and has been part and parcel of our home.