If you live long enough in life or in business, you’re going to earn yourself a reputation. It’s a mark of our character. A mix of belief and opinion that speaks to the sum of who we are, the way we’ve treated others, and the ways in which we’ve chosen to live our lives. It encompasses every word and every deed. And like most living things, the closer you look the more you realize that it’s interconnected with everything else around you. Because a reputation is in fact a living thing.

Right here in Punta Mita I know so many fantastic ambassadors of our destination Punta Mita. It can be a partner, a friend, a client, an employee – even competitors ! People who share with me and reflect to me this picture of a destination collectively practicing in the art of taking better care of people who visit us. A destination living to it’s values and staying consistent on it’s path. There may be hiccups along the road but Si Senor we have a reputation for being a destination built on the principles of a true community.

It’s not lost on me that if you’re reading this then you have some significant say in my reputation, and the reputation of Punta Mita . I’m so grateful for all the kind words that you share about Punta Mita and about our people and our destination. This warms my heart in the most meaningful way. Based on what I’ve heard, I owe you all a sincere and heartfelt thank you for sharing the Punta Mita story and our culture of service . community building and care with the world. Please know that if there’s ever something we need to know, I hope that you don’t hesitate to tell us. We thrive on feedback, and we eat change for breakfast. It’s the only way to gain ground on our journey to better.

Wishing you a warm and happy Summer