by my friend Marcelo Lopez 

For anyone who ever said, “I wish I could live here” I am pleased to share with you some of my insider views after over a decade working in Punta Mita Real Estate market. At the same time, we will showcase a few samples of our exclusive real estate communities, offered in this stunning resort destination.
Punta Mita’s magic is embedded in that special sense of community that has been built over 20 years and celebrates the true meaning of home and while we often put a spotlight on the insightful design features, the unique geographic location on the peninsula, and diversity in architectural styles that make each home unique I am convinced that it is the human factor that special Viva Punta Mita feeling that makes everyone feel at home whether it be in La Punta or Hacienda de Mita we are all Punta Mita – that at the end of the day is priceless and offers an in some way additional intrinsic value.

In the pages ahead we are happy highlight some of Punta Mita’s homes, villas, home sites, condominiums, and townhomes. Over the last few years, the market has been indeed bullish and real estate values have grown significantly. That said we are committed to continue offering and delivering new products as we move forward – from Golf Estates and Condos to soon to be announced Branded Residences in the H5 development and other developments Punta Mita will continue to deliver as it focuses on completing the master planned community that reflects the luxury and quality that has made Punta Mita a world-renowned destination.

With over 40 years of experience, DINE has formed a unique and impressive Master Plan which incorporates a broad array of attractive features, amenities, and long-term strategic planning. No detail has been overlooked in building incredible investment homes and properties, including state of the art infrastructure to ensure that your vacation home offers all the comforts, conveniences and amenities demanded by the discerning buyer.

In my role as Director of Punta Mita Properties, we are proud to offer within the gates a dedicated group of professionals who oversee every step of the real estate process. Over a year ago we opened a Punta Mita Properties office in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon conscious and addressing the fact that over 40% of Real Estate Sales in the last 2 years have been acquired by Mexican Nationals making Punta Mita a truly Mexican destination which confirms DINE’s strong reputation both here and abroad for quality construction and precise delivery along with the desirable Punta Mita lifestyle offer, means that the destination continues to be competitive in pricing versus top tier resort destinations that share and offer similar amenities and activities. Punta Mita is more than just an impressive real estate investment, it’s an investment in family and the future – a way of life.

For more and more families and couples, Punta Mita has become not only an aspirational vacation destination but one of the world’s most exclusive, attractive, and desirable locations for luxury second home and vacation properties. One can understand that becoming a member of the Punta Mita Community affords you access to a complete array of world class amenities & events, a unique climate and setting over the Pacific Ocean, a world class hospital, amazing golf & surf and more however I can only reiterate that above and beyond all the physical and natural attributes the destination offers it is the ability to
for part of this special community that has enrichened my life and that of my family where I have made friends for a lifetime and endless unforgettable memories – for the Emberson Family Punta Mita is home – you’re welcome to join us.