Punta Mita
Beach Clubs

by DC

Fancy a cocktail or tacos with your feet in the sand? Discover our selection of the Punta Mita beach clubs

Nothing feels quite so ‘holiday’ as a beach club. There’s something so decadent – and, let’s face it, so easy – about losing the whole day to the same enticing place, where a yoga session turns into brunch turns into an afternoon on a sun lounger – and a steady flow of cocktails. Before you know it, that don’t-miss sunset has arrived and the mood changes as DJs get started and you’re dancing on the sand.

In honour of such blissful days, we’ve rounded up this story on Punta Mita’s Beach Clubs  and Bars. From rustic palapas to grand settings & foodtrucks s in Punta Mita  these are the coolest spots to see you from day to night in Punta Mita

Do you want to sip a cocktail with your feet buried in the sand, or enjoy an evening swaying to the rhythm of live music? Well, you’re in luck in Punta Mita as each of our Clubs them has something unique to offer. Choose the setting for your next evening on the peninsula:

It’s impossible to start our selection of Punta Mita Beach Clubs with any other than this one. El Pacifico Beach is a legendary address in Punta Mita – it was the very first Club here some 24 years ago. Both the setting overlooking the Pacific with the best sunset in Punta Mita the Culinary offering of Coastal Nayarit Cuisine with a focus on wood burning grilled items and it’s renowned Pizzas it  honors the authenticity and simplicity of the Punta Mita of yesteryear.

Whether you’re a regular or are just setting foot in Punta Mita the first time, this name is bound to ring a bell. This beach club that has its feet in the sand is the epitome of holidays in Punta Mita ! Put on your swimsuit and head over to El Surf Club beach, to (re)discover this iconic beach club. Chef Carla offers Mexican coastal cuisine with touches of the Mediterranean and during the season a series of Pop Ups , Guest DJs and Live Music make El Surf Club your place day and night.

Overlooking Litibu Bay Kupuri Beach Club is an address as astonishing as it is unmissable. It boasts three different areas: at the edge of the water, there is the beach bar and its iconic creamy umbrellas; above there is ASAI a Japanese Asian restaurant perfect for families  while also upstairs, there is a another  bar & dining area with breathtaking views of the Pacific. Chef Davids beachside Taco Grill offers some of the best Tacos in the destination. Although it has three different settings, each spot gives you one and the same atmosphere. There’s no pretentiousness here, just conviviality and the spirit of family. If you are looking for a restaurant or a classic Punta Mita bar to enjoy with your family,  Kupuri is for you.

Neighbouring the legendary El Surf Club hides a small haven of peace on what is most likely the best beach in Punta Mita. This seasonal Beach Club MITACO owes its name to our very 1st Foodtruck who opened the path you have to take to reach its secluded location. As soon as you arrive, you are struck by the unique atmosphere. The greenery , surfers in the distance , the wood burning grill recall the hippie spirit of its owners for whom vacations are above all, a matter of sharing. We love to sit under the trees or at the bar, next to strangers who will soon no longer be, or we take advantage of the large tables perfect for family aperitifs that continue until late at night. Whether we pass by just for a drink or to perhaps stay for dinner, this is one of our favorite Beach Clubs in Punta Mita from fresh Oysters & Seafood to delicious Mexican Beach and Street Food Mitaco is the place

Overlooking the Bandeiras Bay and the Punta Mita Pier Sufi Ocean Club and Sufito’s real asset is the atmosphere that is both energised and relaxed. Let yourself be carried away by the waves breaking on the shore and the grill of Sufito with perhaps the Best Burger in Punta Mita

And last but by no means least is the now Legendary Mita Mary Foodboat set on the beach of the Sea Breeze Beach Club at the St Regis Punta Mita resort and open to Punta Mita visitors. We would go as far as saying no visit to Punta Mita would be complete without heading over to Mita Mary circa Sunset for a Classic Margarita and Prawn Tacos with a slightly spicy Chipotle sauce.

Be it a delicious breakfast at Pacifico Beach Club or the Tail of the Whale Restaurant at the Punta Mita Golf Club , Fresh Sashimi from Asai at Kupuri Beach Club , a Paella at El Surf Club  or a Burger at Sufito your Punta Mita Beach Club experience is one of many flavors and unique moments and settings so be sure to make a point of visiting each and every one of them during your stay in Punta Mita