Thankfully life never ceases to offer us unique and memorable moments – this weekend in Mexico City was certainly one to remember. Pope Francisco as we all know is from Argentina where Sabine and I lived for 12 years more than any other country thus far on our journey through life – my amigos say I would be Argentine if born again !! It is a country we love and have many may dear friends though it was not that that made this moment so special. I was educated by the Jesuits at St Ignatius College Riverview in Sydney a education I am forever grateful for to Mum & Dad … they were wonderful years that despite missing my home in Fiji I was comforted by friends and the Jesuits. I am fortunate to have been married to Sabine nigh 28 yrs now whose family originally from Belgium are stout Catholics – Sabine has been a pillar in the education of our girls which has always been based around a solid spiritual upbringing and I thank her deeply for that. So receiving this invitation to be present at Palacio Nacional in Mexico City then later the Mass at La Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City from a golfing buddy of mine was one of a kind and something that really symbolizes what is a day in the life of a hotelier.

Sabine and I each cherished the moments the day bought – from running block after block around Mexico City to make into the Palacio Nacional before they closed the doors , to seeing a number of good friends and important contacts amongst the crowd, The Presidents of Mexicos wonderful and extremely well delivered speech, tears flowing as the choir begain La Guadalupena as the Pope was about to enter the Basilica of Guadalupe – the moments are many but MOST of ALL it was the privilege and blessing of being present in a historic moment and within the aura of Pope Francisco. It is a day hard to forget! Another day in the life of this hotelier whose journey continues to be blessed by unique moments.