Personalization – some thoughts

Personalization has always been a part of the promise that we as hoteliers have been making and fulfilling in so many cases for years ……In simpler times that promise sounded like » just what you wanted » or «made just for you» ……»just what you need»…….»just how you like» …………»a perfect fit» ………Fast forward to July 2019 and it seems as we are getting used to the idea that we live our online lives inside a bubble shaped by our own preferences and behaviours. The books Amazon pushes, movies by Netflix, songs by Spotify, Rosewood appearing often as I navigate the web along with One & Only and others, Callaway urging me to buy a new driver when I am online ( they know I golf a little !!) , so on and so forth , Facebook ads etc – everywhere one turns algorithms are feeding on my personal data and tempting me with experiences so seductive that I cant turn away !!! The game has changed.

We are sure as deeper forms of data such as DNA are used to see much deeper forms of personalization in the 21st century.  Today the maturing of facial recognition opens up a whole new world – sentient spaces that can tailor make an entire experience to the preference of the visitor – happening in Japan as we speak ……………..all very interesting and a reminder that as hoteliers while learning as much about our guest as possible is fundamental it is the human touch of well trained engaged employees that will ensure success today and onwards. Let the games begin…………… staying relevant has never been harder owing to the rapid  uptake of new technologies.

Establishing and maintaining empathy will increase in importance. No amount of technology can replace the human element I am afraid.