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One of my favourite hobbies in cooking and if there is one hot favourite it is cooking on a “Parrilla” and this was a wonderful evening end 2011 with St. Regis Punta Mita guests now friends Jojo & Brad with their families and friends – a fun night. Pity Jojo was not feeling too hot that night as Uncle Don Julio had not been nice to him. We cooked up a storm begining with this great “Ojo de Bife” – Jojo and Brad are parrilla fans as well and as such this photo and note I dedicate to them and their families. I will miss them this years end however I know they will be in good hands in Uruguay and Argentina.


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The skill of doing an Asado is something I continue to work on in an attempt to perfect the art over the course of hundres of Sundays (or any day) conducting a backyard symphony of meat and heat trying to combine skill with acute intuition.