I will never forget interviewing Pablo and his wife Cecilia in Buenos Aires in the late 80’s for a position in the Oficina de Informes of Valle de Las Lenas – Pablo had spent time in OZ and was convinced he still had an Aussie accent!! However it was his passion and conviction that I should hire him that made me do so. Pablo and I spent many seasons in Las Lenas together – through those winters without snow, helicopter accidents, separations, snowstorms, opening up the resort in 24hrs, summer seasons, no seasons, you name it. We became and are friends for a lifetime – I could not think of a finer man to have on my team any time any day any where. I only rue Pablo for one fault having spent over 10 yrs in a Ski Resort and never sking though I must say he always knew what the weather was goning to do. Cecilia the bette half deserves another paragragh down the road!! Long live the mountain boys.