It was in the year 2001 when I met my colleague and now great mate Achim as we began the mission of opening the Grand Hyatt São Paulo – a joint venture between the Liberman Family and the Pritzcker Family  owners of Hyatt. A dream team was put together to pull this off the very best of the best. I was privileged to be included in that team however I learnt a very BIG lesson – one is only as good as market conditions determine, your leaders dynamism in adapting to reality is crucial and that what was perhaps seen as potentially successful no longer was as conditions change. Be and behold those 1st years at Grand Hyatt São Paulo were as tough as it can get – many lessons were learnt – Morning briefings should be no longer then 30-40 mins – please god 2 hours never again. Cannot bes should be mananged on a more one to one basis. Presentations for a Board is a GMS responsibility – spending days of the EXCOM in a meeting room revising the PPT of the GM to the Board was one of the most unproductive hours of my life – I learnt from that to do it a different way! I also learnt many wonderful things as well in those years – it was ALL learning.

Hotel 1 year from opening – 5 on board – 3 want to go to Carnaval – we are in Brazil: tickets bought only to discover permission not granted. A sad moment for Achim and I – we would go eventually.

Owners – what a privilege it is to have owners like the Libermans and those that represent them – for 8 yrs I worked with them and I have not one word to day other then señores you deserve the best and are an example for owners in our industry – I thank you Samuel, Guillermo, Lucho, Horacio y el resto del equipo. Hoy es fácil disfrutar de la cosecha pero estoy seguro que se recuerdan las personas que con amor y pasión plantaron la semilla y que por x o y no estan para la vendimia. Así amigos es la vida, llena de triunfos, empate y derrotas – me da tanto alegria hoy ver aquel hotel que tanto queremos ya convertido en lo que soñamos – WOW

Hace poco vi fotos de un Grand Caffé cambiado. Los gerentes han cambiado, como los chefs pero amigos la esencia tiene que ser lo mismo – este proyecto empezó con mucha visión y garra y hoy lo disfrutan aunque los primeros años no fue tan así – asi es tener un grupo como los Libermans que aguanta lo bueno y lo malo ya que la visión es a largo plazo.

Habrá más cuentos de esta fascinante historia en mi blog a lo largo de los años –qué divertido!

More to come; Achim Lenders this is your life.