Having enjoyed this experience not once but twice thanks to a last minute invitation by Daniel GM of the Rosewood Mayakoba on what was the last night of the Noma Pop Up in Tulum. Thank you Daniel.

It also happened to be Sabines birthday – so with local friends David and Mariam we cancelled all previous engagements to fit Noma into the agenda! We would be crazy not to! It felt like returning to watch a movie which you loved and could see over and over again. So I took it upon myself to observe and feel the experience again from a different angle or angles as the case may be.

This is what ran through my head during Noma II – my Top 20 moments

  1. My dining companions were a group of smiling people all wearing white t-shirts, grey aprons and birkenstocks
  2. The floor is made of sand
  3. I ask if I can take my sand-filled shoes off – «of course» you can mentions one of the 145 employees and family members who were flown down from Copenhagen for the pop-up. Lucky bastards
  4. To help us forget our lack of sophistication we’re handed flutes of 2009 Roederer
  5. The 1st dish arrives – its a woven basket filled with ice and 4 plants I could not name if you paid and I live here !
  6. The staff here aren’t called staff or waiters or. Servers no – but Nerds. si nerds
  7. Another dish arrives also on ice – it is a raw melon clam from the Sea of Cortez with a half a sour orange to squeeze over the top. It is Rene’s take on a ceviche – melon clam
  8. We are also served mead, fermented honey made just out of México city
  9. Deep fried tortillas are next and I am told they’re topped with grasshoppers – I ask will they be crunchy or bitter – will I hate them and awkwardly spit them out ! My favourite dish-no need to spit
  10. Time for some Mezcal – this one from Oaxaca rich and intensely salty
  11. Now there’s a bowl of flowers in front of me !! Feel like a squirrel ! I dive in
  12. Tacos next ? but they’re not really Tacos but fat Oysters from Bahia Falsa wrapped in Chaya leaves
  13. Escamoles aka ant eggs appear on our plates – they’re big and white like swollen grains of rice
  14. The nerds in Crocs are back this time with a clay pot containing octopus encased in a crust of masa and wrapped in corn husks – it has been buried in coals for an hour. served with dzikilpak sauce (made from pumpkin seeds) I’ve never eaten such tender octopus 
  15. Natural wine from Mexico – a Pinot Noir from Tecate – Bichi. It is sweet & juicy a little funky
  16. Dessert arrives – grilled avocado  filled with avocado ice-cream 
  17. A plate of dried chilies appear – we are warned – only eat the one stuffed with native cacao sorbet
  18. To combat the mezcal a closing drink – cold-brewed coffee from the hills of Chiapas
  19. As the night draws to a close in the midst of a magical Mexican jungle ,guest are floating around barefoot and starting to mingle in the kitchen – this is the last night after all
  20. Me gustas , Rene Redzepi & thanks for these magic moments