There are honorable ways to show respect for food and the work of people in everything that we do. Sensitive ways that trespass cultural borders.
While dining recently at Noma Tulum Chef Rene and his team understand this and show respect for their roots and of all Mexicans – a country so rich in Culture Culture belongs to a place, a time and the conditions of the moment where that culture was born. We humans bring with us the weight of that and modify it to the use and needs of the moment. As culture evolve some concepts could be a matter of debate, but the only ways that never change are the ways of nature, are perfect and forever. The word terroir could translate as «the application of human culture to nature». Noma in Tulum is mexican food, looked trough the glass of a Scandinavian chef who has outmost respect for Mexico. When this concept is well understood and properly executed is what makes an experience unique. Such was Noma Tulum an evening to remember and certainly not what I was expected – way better – Viva México Viva René