My Golfing Holiday – St Andrews 2019

Over the last 2 weeks I had the chance to play in my order of preference
Carnoustie – 38 front nine and a special course
Kingsbarns – a great course , views , wind, links
Old Course – gives you goose pimples & a tear
Jubilee – plenty of emotion got stuck in a bunker
New Course – good track to play
Kittocks – some majestic views
Sam Torrance – the rough kills
Edén – St.Andrews Links – good practice track
Strathyerun – last because last …….
I have documented my week with the Ladris group for Argentina with some detail in a recent post – their part in the 2 week sojourn was special.
In the 2nd week I participated in a 5 day Golf Clinic at the St Andrews Golf Academy with the objective of improving some of the weaker points of my game and experiencing a clinic with our very own Punta Mita Golf Academy in mind. It was a great experience and I head home with plenty of tools to work with in my ongoing pursuit of bringing that handicap down !! There were 12 participants in the group : 3 Scots, 3 Aussies; 1 POM, 1 Argie , 3 Hong Kong , 1 Indian – a very diversified group indeed. Our instructors Scott x 2 Scots were very dedicated knowledgeable and professional with the program itself very dynamic and interactive. The use of technology and videos was also a great attribute and help during the week. Playing 18 holes daily in the afternoons was a great way to focus on things learnt that same day – all in all a great experience and one I highly recommend.
Spending 2 weeks in St Andrews was a great experience – a town that lives and breathes golf !! Plenty of good restaurants and coffee shops – I recommend staying in town versus out at the Fairmont – you get a much better feel of the city.
A moment to remember – the Argie in the group a very nice guy called Mariano a golf junkie like me !! came up to me after day 4 and said in Spanish – Carl I think you Scott’s name wrong it is not Mike ! it is Scott !! For 4 days he had confused «Mate» for Mike !!! We had a great laugh over that one !!!!
Next trip here with Sabine !!!
What are you looking for?: X Close. Play; Learn; Shop; Relax

What made golfing on the links in Scotland so special ? A number of things come to mind including that feeling as you walk down 1 or up 18th on the Old Course at St Andrews that you are treading the same fairway as the greats of the past and of so many memorable moments in golfing history. It is also the unique topography with the sea and the dunes and that daily battle with the elements. It is undeniably the purest form of the game.
Ignoring yardages , trying to keep a six iron under the wind , playing a little bump and run and putting from 30 yards off the green just to mention a few – there is no doubt golf on the links is like no other and neither is the exhilaration from executing that shot you will remember.