Over the years I have made a point of giving at least one conference a year and I have kept that promise in a number of different countries on a wide range of topics from what makes a successful restaurants, corporate hospitality, Generation Luxury and others. On this occasion I was invited on the occasion of Global Meetings Industry Day to deliver a 45 minute presentation on Brand & Destination positioning through Events at Centro Fox. Hosting the event was Mexico’s former President Vicente Fox. To form part of a conference with 3 guest speakers the last of whom was Former President Vicente Fox was indeed an honor as a professional – that I was invited to present at this event from the hundreds of experts in the field. The presentation went off very well as I shared my success stories and best practices on event creation and execution – from Cultural night at Les Roches, Emberson Corporate Hospitality Services in Buenos Aires with the Pumas, Palermo Polo Open, Formula 1, The Masters of Food & Wine in Mendoza, Rally de las Bodegas Copa Park Hyatt, Flavours of Punta Mita, Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf , Mayakoba Masters of Food Wine & Golf, Punta Mita/Mayakoba Beach Festivals, Fun runs, Colour Runs and more – creating unique and unforgettable experiences, executing with passion and always considering a Charity in any of the events.

I stayed at Hacienda San Cristobal in what used to be former Mexican President Fox’s family home now a boutique hotel. The food is great authentic Mexican served in an open area – try the Chile Relleno. Chef Ana is President Fox’s sister in law and a great exponent of mexicos cuisine. The rooms are very comfortable and the staff very gracious. Take a walk around – the bar, the cellar or just sit in the garden. Must visit the Centro Fox the library it is so well done capturing his legacy in Mexico.

Bravo a todos – viva México!