Mita Rita

Punta Mita’s Signature Cocktail

We came up with the name of this cocktail while looking for our signature Margarita, with inspiration on the beauty of our region and community and fresh tropical fruits. After explaining my thoughts and all details to our head mixologist, César Pérez, he created this excellent combination. The soursop and mango remind you of the tropical flavors of Punta Mita, the agave syrup of the sweetness that represents our community, the dry pepper represents Mexico and its flavors and the tequila gives warmth to the cocktail as kindness does to our community.

The recipe:

2 oz. Tequila Patrón Reposado
1 oz. Patrón Citrónge Orange
1 oz. mango pulp
1 oz. soursop pulp
1 oz. agave syrup
1 oz. lemon juice
Togarashi salt and pepper

  1. Put all ingredients in a shaker glass.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Rim an old-fashioned glass with the togarashi salt and pepper before serving.
  4. Serve on the rocks.