I am fortunate enough to return to Uruguay every couple of years as our  in laws live in Montevideo. I do not remember any time that we have not  gone through the old, glorious and legendary «Mercado del Puerto». The  whole magic of the visit is to follow the ritual of having an apperitivo  of Medio Medio – Medio y medio is a wine produced as a mix of sweet  sparkling wine and a dry white wine. Try Roldos in Mercado del Puerto
and accompany with some delicious finger sandwiches. After this stroll over to «El Palenque» my favourite by a long shot !! The owner Emilio Portela or his son are nearly always present. There are a number of
dishes to recommend – be it the suckling pig, or bife de chorizo, la  pamploma – you will not be dissapointed. Also check with the Parrillero (the man on the bbq) what he has going at the moment and you will often  pick up a delicious piece of meat !!! Check out  for more  detail on  what is one my favourite dining spots in the globe.