Mr. Emberson,

Down to business. I gather I had many opportunities to thank you in person however each time felt like it would be just another thank you amongst many others; farewell parties, excom dinners, posadas. So as I felt I wouldn’t really say what I felt or wanted to say I decided to leave it until now.

The last four years have been a combination of hell, torture, fun, enjoyment and exhilaration. If I had to compare my time at the St. Regis Punta Mita under Mr. Carl Emberson I would say it is like being the F&B equivalent of an SAS soldier sent into constant combat; pushed to the absolute limit, broken and then rebuilt, expected to give your very best at all times, never allowed to say no or I can’t do that, constantly thrown into battle and mortal danger, left behind enemy lines (Capomo), and when you think you can’t posible go another step, required to undertake another mission. Mr. Emberson, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Firstly I thank you for having believed in me and for having given me the chance when you did. Thank you for making the last four years full of fun and passion. To be honest part of my decision to take on the Palmasola project comes from the fact that I honestly don’t think I could have worked for anyone else after my time with you. Especially in an F&B role.

You have my upmost respect and admiration as a mentor and friend. I will be a better man both professional and personally for having known you.

Mr. Emberson, because you will always be Mr. Emberson, never Carl, good luck, thank you and best wishes.

And no tears! Where our professional relationship ends our friendship begins! And we will see much more of each other in the future. I have no doubt about that.

Warm regards,

Ps. Alexandra and Alexander send their best wishes and personal thanks for all the support and opportunities you have afforded us x