João Doria Junior, 51 years, was born in São Paulo. He is married and has three children. The journalist and advertising executive João Doria Jr., founder and president of the Group Doria Associados, is well known for his success in several professional areas. He started up operations of Grupo Doria Associados with a small television production company in 1994. He was communications director for the Rede Bandeirantes de Televisão television network and a university professor of marketing at FAAP – Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, in São Paulo.
He also held positions of Secretary of Tourism and president of PAULISTUR, in São Paulo, under the mandate of mayor Mário Covas. In the same period, he also presided over the São Paulo City Tourism Counsel. He was also president of EMBRATUR and CNTUR – the National Tourism Council, during the government of President José Sarney. Additionally, João Doria founded and was president of the ISO (Solidarity Institute) Board of Directors and founder and president of AME Campos – Association of the Friend of Campos do Jordão, founder, president and current vice president of the São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau Council and honorary president of AMEM – Association of Friends of Minors for Greater Sports.
He is the president of VIDEOMAX PRODUÇÕES (VIDEOMAX Productions), DORIA ASSOCIADOS and DORIA ASSOCIADOS EDITORA, which publishes titles as LIDE, OSCAR, GABRIEL, ARENA, MEETING, FÓRUM and EMPRESARIAL magazines. He is also speaker at conferences and author of books such as “Sucesso com Estilo” and “Lições para Vencer” (“Success with Style” and “Lessons for Winning”).
He is vice president of ADVB – Association of Sales and Marketing Directors, board member of the SOS Atlantic Rainforest Foundation, vice president of marketing of MASP – São Paulo Art Museum and founder and coordinator of LIDE, Corporate Leaders Group, that gathers the 700 most important Brazilian companies, which represents together 44% of Brazilian’s PIB. The executive manage events in Brazil as well in foreign countries. In my role as Resident manager of the Grand Hyatt Sao Pãulo we formed part of the origens of LIDE and I firmly believe my boss at the time Myles McGourty decision to support this initiative was astute despite the fact he never personally made the most of them and that same relation with LIDE and my participation in one of their events would one day years later cause my departure after 15 yrs of pure Hyatt Touch!!
João Doria Jr. also drives the biggest event of architecture and interior design of Latin America and second biggest event of the world: CASA COR. He writes for Isto É Dinheiro, the most important business magazine in Brazil.
He was nominated by Isto É Magazine one of the 100 most influent Brazilian people.
João Doria Jr commands 250 direct and 400 indirect employees. He has also been the host of the television talk show “SHOW BUSINESS” since 1992, which is broadcasted on national television network.
João is without doubt one of Brazils most respected and influential businessman. I had the pleasure of working for Joao for a year in the start up of Seminars a joint venture between João and Nizan Guanaes – 2 wonderful examples of entrepreneurship in Brasil! We created, organized, and executed the World Forum on Sustainability in Manaus in 2010 with the presence of James Cameron, Al Gore, amongst others. The experience I will refer to on another note but this is about João Doria – a man I consider a friend; one of the hardest working professionals I have ever met; a man with a nose for business and someone to learn from.
Um abraco mi amigo João and a happy host of the 17th Meeting here at The St. Regis Punta Mita.