Our first graduation of this years Graduation Holidays  was Chiara’s at the beautiful Greshams School where Chiara has spent Boarding the last 3 years. Gresham’s School is an independent coeducational boarding school in Holt in North Norfolk, England. Gresham’s School is one of the top 20 IB schools in England. The school was founded in 1555 by Sir John Gresham so as one can imagine steeped in History & Tradition with whonderful gardens and buildings.

It was great to meet Chiara´s friends most of whom are English with a few Germans as well. It was obvious Chiara had made some dear friends which I am sure will remain so for years to come. Stani and Claire Sabines parents were  along with  Tatiana for the weekend in Holt. We stayed at the Feathers Pub a typical English Pub in the middle of Holt – the rooms were a little small but the location and the beers were great ! Speech day at Goutreshams began with a concert followed by a Drama session, Speeches then a Picnic in the gardens which thankfully we were able to sit outside despite the inclement weather. The graduation dinner with Parents was a fun event – William and Cecilia Engels Chiara’s Guardian over the last 3 years joined us for this special occasion! Gracias William & Cecilia on behalf of the Emberson Family – your support for Chiara was something we will be forever grateful for. A all in all a fun weekend in a unique spot of England – well done Chiara !! Chiara’s IB results were very good indeed – 39 out of 45 – with  7/7 in English, French & Spanish a nice trifecta! Next year Chiara begins Les Roches – a diploma in Global Hospitality Management – Sabine and I met at Les Roches way back.

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