Good Morning Father and Greeting to all from PUNTA MITA Mexico  

Sabine , Tatiana , Moana & I cannot be with you all today however rest assured our hearts are right there with you all as well as our gratitude that you are there with Dad & Tricia today to Celebrates MUMs life.

In this very special 2020 that has changed the lifes of so many I never dreamt I would be standing here LIVE STREAMING an Eulogy  for my dear Mother

So on behalf of my DAD & my sister Tricia I would like to

welcome you to St Candice for a celebration of my MOTHERS  life.

Patricia Russell  AKA Patty or Rusty was born on March 27 1938 in Sydney Australia

She was educated at ROSE BAY CONVENT in Sydney graduating with the Class of 1955 and married Felix Emberson  On February 3rd 1956 aged 18 at the very same Church you are all at today St Candice in Rushcutters bay

Dad was studying Medicine at Sydney University when he was introduced by Laurie and Libby Coy at a party at Libbys place in Coogee. They would have 4 children Iona Cindy Carl & Tricia

Speaking to a few  of Mums friend of late I learnt a little more about Mums days at ROSE BAY when her parents moved to Potts Point. From what I have been told she settled in and was easy to get along with; was well liked, extremely attractive always neat and tidy with a sense of style everyone wanted to emulate ( this was surely influenced by her Uncle Morson). Back in  those days ROSE BAY was a small school, 150 in all (the size of one class nowadays) very integrated from seniors to kindergarden so literally everyone knew everyone it was a very happy place to be , in Mums class the Class of 55 there were 20 – a few are here today and over the years we had a chance to meet a good number of them  Anna Ragg, Jaqui Ingram, Libby, Marg  Robinson,  Marie Lou Sue Scanlen to name but a few.

Her friend Jaqui said  “Patty threw  terrific parties just up the road from where you all sit today and we were all invited, she knew boys and gave us the grateful introduction to those forbidden and mysterious beings called BOYS. So began our lives of being social which we all excelled at and not a lot of interest in study which we did not. “

Soon after graduation Mum & Dad would spend 2 years in LONDON in post grad Medicine Studies While in London Mum met the Mahonys’ Grahame & Janice in 1961 at a birthday party of a mutual friend. In life you don’t come across many people with whom you have an immediate rapport but you can imagine the scene on this first meeting in the UK, the party for the mutual friend had well and truly ended. They would kick on for a few more hours the party for Pat, Felix, Grahame and Janice had only begun !!!! From there the party was to never end.

That friendship like so many of Mums friendships stood the test of time and lasted for decades – she was indeed a special lady

In 1964 Mums Mother & her 2 daughters Ioana (6) & Cindy (4) tragically died in an accident in Sydney  – today my friends I know Mum is in peace and reunited with my sisters and her mother

Following that Mum & Dad along with Carl & Tricia returned to Fiji where they would live for many years ………………………….for me, and many FIJI is Paradise, I know you ALL Love FIJI !!! I recall our MEMORABLE Holidays on MANA with the Mahonys, The Boys Trips to Fiji , The RAGGS – Fiji was Fiji the way the world should be !!!  Amigos let me tell something I am not sure you knew ………..MUM did not like Fiji !!!!! But I can tell you one THING – SHE LOVED DAD !!!!! Let me take that one step further – DAD love RUGBY; BOATS & FISHING   –  Mum enjoyed some rugby  ( except when I would get knocked out ) however was NO BIG FAN of BOATS &FISHING – but she certainly LOVED my DaD …………in fact they lived on a boat in  Suva fiji for 5 whole years …………can you believe she truly loved DAD – do you need further proof !!!!

Today I received a message from my cousin ATU one of the few Embersons still in Fiji

“As I was growing up I always had a real soft spot for Aunty Pat, not least because of all she had endured in life including marrying into the Emberson clan haha. She seemed to take everything in her stride and had such a great sense of humour. I always loved her laid back, deep voice and her marvellous laugh. And she never failed to look stylish and elegant no matter how casual the occasion was”

Mum loved Neil Diamond & Olivia Newton John  – Sweet Caroline comes to mind when I think of her favourite songs ………………………..when I was in 1st Form at RIVIERVIEW …………..MUM would write to me VERY OFTNER …………………..ONE DAY I remember getting +10 letters ………..a SCHOOL record at the time ………… fact Brother Leonard called Mum asking her to hold back on the letters …………to write so much  and is would affect my homework.  We had a very special relationship

Mum was loved by my friends a number of them present here today …………apart from the BBQs , Fiji Trips, Ham & Mustard sandwiches it was the BULA BAR in Drumonyne that comes to mind as a bonding moment between Mum & the Boys – perhaps later today some of you may shed more light on the BULA BAR as you raise your glasses to Mrs Emberson !!!

To my wife Sabine … Mum was a “ confidante” in early years of our Marriage  … and in moments of desperation Sabine would ask her » Pat why didn´t you tell me that would happen?» and Pat would say » because you wouldn´t have married him and I wanted you to marry him»!!  That question was asked more then once & Mums answer was always the same followed with her classic laugh ………I can hear it now

To her 3 grandchildren Tatiana Chiara & Moana Grandma was a ROCKSTAR – each and everyone of the girls has the good fortune to have spent a lot of time with their GRANDMA and for that I know they are forever grateful –  As Jaqui mentioned to me “ her trips to Uruguay Mexico, Argentina, Brasil over all these years were such happy ones she would always return exuberant about how wonderful they were, the fun she and Felix had with Sabine & the Girls were all happy memories that last forever.

Isa Lei Mum .

Isa Lei as so many of you know  is a traditional Fijian love song of farewell but also a song of hope until we meet next time.

I had hoped to sing it to you all today as I have a captive audience today  … and …no …one can leave…………..but Sabine talked me out of it !!!

However please let me do the Chorus only

Isa lei, na noqu rarawa,
Ni ko sana vodo e na mataka
Bau nanuma, na nodatou lasa,
Mai Sydney nanuma tiko ga.

It translates into

Isa Lei, the purple shadow falling, Sad the morrow will dawn upon my sorrow, Oh forget not, when you’re far away Precious moments at Rushcutters Bay

As I conclude my participation in today’s Euology and hand over to my Sister Tricia to whom I am forever grateful for arranging todays Celebration and being with Dad at this very difficult moment  – this is not GOODBYE …………………Mum was a lady of strong faith and believed in a life there after and I know she is at peace now  with my sisters and her Mum and her friends  ……….NOW its our TURN to go live & celebrate life to the fullest and keep her legacy alive.