On the last of my trips this year it was a Punta Mita Golf Tournament at The Colonial amongst a group of 24 members of the Colonial all set up by our friend Aaron Grieshaber and with my wing man Marcelo Lopez in the mingle .On a cold morning we teed off on this wonderful and traditional course – the Winner of Flavors of Punta Mita Colonial cup and winner of a stay with golf in Punta Mita was local Doc Steve Hamilton with a net 68. Lunch at the Club house a chat with Coach Gary Patterson then it was off a siesta later returning to hand out a Punta Mita Gift to the Winner of the Colonial Member Member 2017 event. 

A little under the weather carrying a flu we headed off to Joe T Garcias  for dinner with all that played and wives – Joe T is one of the most amazing Mexican restaurants I have been too – huge space , basics well done , authenctic and traditional – it has been in Fortworth since 1935 and probably did over 2000 covers the night we were there. So that was purple Friday 

Saturday was TCU Frogs day – my first College Football game – fighting a fever I made it to Toms Tailgate – amazing ribs ! Aaron was the best host you could find.  Aaron himself is a TCU alumni and Donor of the sports program. We had the royal tour – met and mingled with many Along the way spreading the word on Punta Mita though I must say 90% of the crowd we met knew or had been to Punta Mita ! Always a great start. We watched most of the game on the sideline – a true privilege , went to the main box, champions Club you name it we covered ground.A Frogs victory to move to 8-1 made it even sweeter. It was certainly  a day to remember as we popped by Pats place for a red and bid farewell as my fever came fighting back. Thanks Aaron and friends – Fortworth and the Frogs rock