Abel & Christine Vivo, Roberto & Soledad Vivo, Doug & Linsey Munro

A fun filled week it was – beginning with Fridays Champagne Ritual followed Dinner in Carolina with the Vivo Bros and better halves. On Saturday it was Golf & Dinner Si Senor – 3 couples in a 2 ball scramble where Carl & Christine were triumphant!!! Munros arrived Saturday so Sunday’s golf was Men and Ladies where Doug and the Broomstick Roberto take for ever Vivo beat Carl and Abel whist the hot favourite Linsey and Sole beat the chatting Sab & Christine! For history’s sake I have to note Roberto’s miracle shot on the Par 4 5th of Pacifico – an approach from 40 yards which hit a tree, the sprinkler head and the flag and went in the hole!!! Even better was Roberto’s smile and comment «that was a great shot!!!). Following Golf it the Classic BBQ @ Carl & Sabine’s a great way to conclude any day!!!

During the week Abel and I played every morning at dawn getting in 9 holes before I headed off to work – I lost one match versus Abel in the week so a clear winner. And in the only other 18 holes Match Play of the week – Emberson vs the Rest of the World!!! Emberson beats Munro 1 UP after DM blows a 3 UP 5 to play lead with Cabezon finishing strong as an OX Emberson beats Abel 2 UP – always in front with Abel struggling with his putter. Dinners at Sufi & Café des Artistes during the week made it all in all a week to remember!!

Obrigado Amigos for the visit and see you next November if not before.


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