Food for thought 

June 2024

On my recent trip to Italy I had a little time to reflect on life  – “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

I’m thinking about this as it relates to the way we communicate with each other , our colleagues, employees , members,  partners and clients.  Sometimes we’ve got some pent-up passion, and let our emotions get in the way.   We’re tempted by that same passion to say what we feel, heart on sleeve.  But heart on sleeve can often lead to foot in mouth, and it can be hard to come back from that.  We build our reputation in many ways and how we communicate is one of them.  And as we know what we say isn’t necessarily what the recipient will see or hear anyway.  Our best tool is to reassess and readdress.   This is what drafts are for.

It’s not easy to take that pause, or to know when it’s necessary. Some things are best in their raw form, while others are better left to simmer awhile. I relate it to one of my favorite hobbies cooking – there are recipes which are instantly a meal, 30 minutes preparation to table.  And then there is the good stuff, marinating, mis en place soaking up the juices, dry aged, slow cooked etc.  The skill comes in knowing just what it is you’re trying to accomplish or convey and choosing the right method to match.  There is a season for everything, and all our communication needs to convey the same.   Just remember that words are powerful and it’s so hard to say what you really want to say, especially when emotions are in the way.

Reassess and Readdress.  Leave that instant reaction/thought/response overnight in a safe place and look at after you have had a chance to separate yourself from the emotion.   If you do that, I guarantee you that you’ll see it in a different light.

How often do we shoot from the hip without stopping one second to reflect. Ella my therapist has been truly helpful over the years. Gracias !!!