Food Family & Friends

These wonderful Punta Mita photos by Cynthia Serrur Araf inspired this piece in family foods and friends.

We all have favourite dishes, often prepared by or shared with favourite people. For me, there’s my mother´s spaghetti Bolognese with just-plucked-from-the-­garden tomatos in her sauce, my father´s spicy Madras Chicken curry, my wife’s floating island with dulce de leche. I also think of my grandmother´s roast pork luncheons on Pangaimotu Island in Tonga or my Aunt’s Kokoda ( Ceviche Fijian style) in Suva, Fiji or Empanadas from Mendoza, Argentina by my dear friend & Chef Alejandro , all of which prove that food can form memories and bonds strong enough to linger in our hearts, minds and taste buds even after a loved one is far away or gone.

Why are food, family and friends so inextricably linked? Mealtime isn’t just about what´s on the table; it’s also about who’s around it with us. We love to play the game of «who would be at my dream dinner party,” rarely giving a thought to what would be on the menu.

A good meal may also be the only time in our busy day when we actively engage all our senses. When I think of Dad’s curries y , l can still see those typical curry colors from yellow to golden brown , smell the unmistakable odors of curry as I walked in the door, hear the sizzling as the garlic hit the hot pan, feel the crisp-tender texture of chicken ………. and, of course, I’ll never forget the taste.

Both of those factors—the sensory and the sense of connection—make food one of the most-cited motivators for all who travel. The chance to try new flavours in new places calls us to continue our exploration. In Punta Mita , dining and drinking are often indelible experiences.

No matter how many years go by, I’m forever thinking back to moments like taking my first cool, lightly creamy sip of The Mita Mary by Sea Breeze bartender Jorge , or forking up my first bite of Chefs Berthas “huevos rancheros” at the Tail of the whale restaurant or also who would forget their 1st Margarita at Si Senor ! Their creations like many others in Punta Mita are masterly, as I have experienced over the years in this amazing destination……………..

Since COVID hit our shores our very own Covid Clan was formed where for months on end we spent memorable moments around the dinner table : Justin, Margaret, Vladimir & Barry White were permanent guests …………from Pizzas , to Lobster Tales, Asados @ Mitaco at La Lancha , Curry nights , Cristian Live, Ines Crepes, La Rusitica, Punta Mercedes , Litibu Grill and more …… the Clan will live on and only confirms that food, family and friends will remain inextricably linked for ever. Live from Punta Mita !!!