As happens so often in the career of a hotelier colleagues become protégés and later friends while as is only natural farewells become very much a part of our reality.

Oliver and Alexandra with their son Alex and another on the way depart Punta Mita after 5 years in Paradise. Oliver was part of my team at The St Regis in charge of F&B – I really enjoyed working with Oli and we had some great results and fun. Creating the Mita Mary concept was one we will both remember amongst many other moments.

While the professional achievements are important it is the friendships that were formed over these years in Punta Mita – friendships that will be cherished for years to come.

Yesterday in one of the many farewell parties over the last month we spent a day out on the Bay of Bandeiras with the Atkins friends. Not all could be there notably Sabine and Juancho were missed. That being said it was a day to be remember with a group of friends from our days at The St Regis – Oli, Brian, Lorenzo, Mauro & Mike along with Cássie now back in PM taking over from Oli as GM of PalmasolaThe ladies Alexandra , Popy & girls Marisa , La Suegra Aurora , Clara and Cassie were all in fine form. We headed out on Cleofas a 50ft cat in blustery conditions towards Maraikas a hotspot for a boat and beach day in Puerto Vallarta. We spent the day on the beach sipping Margaritas , enjoying a spicy Aguachile and a taco or 2. Heading back to La Cruz our assigned DJ Mauro had the boat rockin !!! Despite the swaying boat the girls were dancing all the way across the bay!

Dinner at Tacos on the Street a crowds favourite at La Cruz wrapped a magic day.

Over the years I have had the fortune to manage many great teams however as we mentioned to this group – this is a special unique group of friends that stated as colleagues and today bid Farewell to Oli and Family convinced that their paths will cross again somewhere around the globe as each pursues their dreams. All the best Oli & Ale you will be missed

As Oliver said «it is not adios it is hasta luego» bon voyage and break a leg down under!