A city that exemplifies the amazing growth in China – from a little town of no significance to a bustling tech city of over 5M people and growing left right and centre. Not on the regular tourist map with little to offer in terms of history we had a great time – visiting the Seafood Restaurant street being a one of experience allowing one to indulge in the local dining habits and customs. The style used in clearing tables is certainly not one Chiara will be learning at Les Roches I hope – the product on the other hand is second to none when it comes to seafood. one must pay for a servillette as it does not come with the meal, hygenically wash your dishes with tea prior to dining etc – the dirtier the table the better the meal seemed the going theory!
A visit to Splendid China a «tour» of China park was a fun way of spending the afternoon – certainly not for the Chinese Culture vulture this town A visit to the St Regis of course Four Seasons main competitor here much like Punta Mita, bumping into argentine Chef Alejandro Claussen now exec Chef at theFour Seasons Shenzhen were all interesting anecdotes of this stop of our Chinese journey The excellent Concierge Robert at the Four Seasons made it all so much easier.