If you have read other pieces of this blog you would have seen Carnaval pops up a number of times from Rio to Sampa and Mayakoba to Punta Mita ! Well having lived 8 wonderful years in Brasil ???????? leaves certain scars!

Like in Mayakoba my line of thought was how to adapt the celebration to the surroundings I found myself in ! Well in Punta Mita I envisaged the best version of that was a parade in Golf Carts !! So here we go – circa 30 Carts in the parade ! Great engagement from the local community and hotels , a great party , press coverage, stories, memories and much more…..Carnaval Punta Mita is an event that will remain in the agenda for years to come!

And that my friends is the most gratifying feeling there is – it beats a pay check any day – it is that feeling that you and team ( my Ángels Vero & Steph) have created and executed an event which is unique, engaging, fun, belongs, contagious and the rest.

Thanks Vero Steph Alfredo and all those in Punta Mita who supported this inaugural parade – you are the founding members of Carnaval Punta Mita !!! Belleza !!!! Oliver from Palmasola and HOA winners!