Bleisure. It’s perhaps the biggest travel trend –and travel blend-word– since the “staycation”.

In essence, a bleisure trip is what happens when those who travel for work decide to tack on a bit of place-specific leisure time before, during or after a business trip-anything from an extra hour to a day or full week or more. The ultimate blurring of work and play, bleisure is becoming increasingly common because it is a highly efficient way to fit in a mini-break, experience a culture or see the world.

While I don’t travel as much as a lot of my superiors nor friends around the globe with work I have begun to where possible extend business trips to include some leisure time. The most common , for instance, is to arrange to have a weekend before and/or after to explore.

After a working week I go on and see the tourist things, try our bars & resaurants, wander the streets and also see how the city changes in feeling from workday to weekend. There are cities that I know I won’t have too many opportunities to see again while in my employer´s eyes, it was a and correctly so a business trip. In my mind, it was both – Bleisure !

As an employer one isn’t blind to the bleisure trend in fact I recommend it with my Director of Finance an astute expert of Bleisure trips -it is also a potential cost-savings measure; if an employee opts for a Saturday stay-over, it will often reduce the price the company is paying for that employee’s airline ticket. Plus, it makes for a happier worker – this is key for me and my team.

Alejandro Rivada, my then revenue director from Argentina, extended a stay after a Kick Off show in San Diego by a few days to visit San Diego and Baja California in Mexico. “We’re there, we might as well as stay a bit and enjoy it,” he says.

For many people who travel for work, when it comes to bleisure, the more the merrier. Meetings up with your spouse, partner or even the whole family after day of meetings in Vancouver or a conference in New York City can turns a stressful trip into a shared pleasure.

But there are procedures to follow when it comes to bleisure trips – Companies should have a clear policy in place, and employees should make sure [they understand] that policy and that they claim only business expenses.”

If you have with limited bleisure time do your homework. Check which restaurants, museums and shops are open late, and consult with your hotel concierge to figure out a touring itinerary that fits your work schedule, no matter how packed that schedule may be.

We as employers are demanding a lot out of employee these days, but this generation is demanding more quality of life at the same time. Bleisure is a way to balance both.

It’s a way of saying, `Sure, I’m going to work hard, but I’m going to enjoy myself, too, and get a bigger, more engaging picture of the place I have come to do business in´

Enjoy & Bon voyage – make it happen.