I had always known Canada was a beautiful country from my early days in OZ – I believe the personality and friendliness of it’s people when abroad are always a relfection of what that country is like when you visit it. That theory proves itself in how well Aussies and Cannucks get on i! We were fortunate and indeed grateful to be invited up to Victoria by our good Punta Mita friends the Ritchies and what a weekend it was – gracias, merci, danke amigos!

After a short flight from Vancouver we arrived at Victoria – in fact the shortest flight I believe I have ever caught: 13mins! Tania our hostess and a fine chef! her long promised poached eggs in a tomato sauce with onion and peppers were to die for and a fine cure after another lengthy evening on some fine tinto from Italy with my mates Jaime y Capitan Roberto! The journey began off the pier of Jamie’s beautiful home in Sidney (almost as nice as my Sydney not quiet mate) as we sailed off to Ganges on board the ever so fine and dandy Highland Mary. I will create a cocktail in honor of her this winter I promise! as Robbies Virgin Mary never quite made it to my lips with Chef Tania using the clamato for some sauce! Never! In Vesusius Bay – Tapas of Canadian Salmon & Trout with Prosseco & Rose kicked off the gourmet side of the trip as we cruised the islands amidst rays of sunshine and scattered showers. A well needed siesta and we moored in Ganges a hippy port town where many a Cannuck was spending the long weekend on board of boats of all sizes. A couple of well poured GTs by Capitan Roberto and we were off to a great dinner in town followed by a cleansing ales and cigars with the notable absence of our Captain!

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Sunday was a beautiful day as we mozzied islands and coves before dropping anchor in Winter Cove on Saturna Island – Snags and Shrimps on the barby and bobs your uncle! After lunch break we made our way to Bedwell Harbour to spend the night. On the menu BBQ lamb with Chief BBQ mate Carl on the fires – all was looking good until unannounced guests popped by for some of our great red and overstayed welcome – my lamb slipped past it’s planned pink rose colour nevertheless no excuses and a wonderful dinner was had by one and all in a magical setting. On Monday we cruised back to Sidney harbour all feeling a little buggered after the stormy red evening ! BBQ man slept on the upper deck listening to Capitan Robertos music from the 60s! Tanias breakfast hit the spot, Sabine chatted the morning away with Tania on the front deck whilst my new mate Jaime was as solid as ever.

What a great weekend it was – gracias amigos – this tale would not have been complete bypassing my 1 hour clean the barby chore assigned to me by Capitan Roberto a feat I completed to the satisfaction of our hosts including a comment «this example of teamwork may just get you invited back amigo!»