Last week I had the pleasure of attending this event and I must say for a 1st time event in Mexico City it was an outstanding success – rest assured setting up a major sporting event in Mexico city or any event in this City is no walk in the park – the traffic, logisitics, parking, food bugs & the rest so bravo to all those invlolved as the WGC Mexico certainly made it’s mark as yet another world class event in Mexico City much the same way the GP Formula 1 did upon it’s return to Mexico.

I had the chance to catch up with old friends such as Paulo Maia, Pepe Miguel, Jaime Insita, Santi & Carla, Hugo, Nico, Jason & many others while at the same time it was an excellent platform for networking and promoting Mayakoba and all the destination offers including our upcoming American Express Mayakoba Masters of Food Wine & Golf. As I covered a number of holes on Sunday with my mate Mikel an avid golf fan around the scenic Chapultepec club we could only marvel at the magnitude of the event and the fact that it ran so smoothly with a wide variety of F&B Offerings, pleasant ushers, well organized access and many more event management details that made it what it was – top class.

While Johnson’s win was impressive as was the leader board going in to Sunday or Phil’s magical scrambling, the true standout performer this week was the Club de Golf Chapultepec.

Little was known about the host site entering the week, but it provided an exacting test for the game’s best players. What’s more, it created compelling, can’t-look-away shotmaking at every turn.

Just months before the USGA hosts the U.S. Open at one of its biggest ballparks ever, Chapultepec showed that short, tight and tree-lined is still a winning combination.

Players were forced to improvise with nearly every errant shot, and the yardage conversions at 7,500 feet of altitude meant tons of play was dictated by feel.

It’s unfortunate that Doral no longer has a spot on the Tour’s schedule, but Chapultepec proved to be a worthy – and more entertaining – replacement. Thank you HSBC & Rolex for your hospitality over the 4 days of the event and Sabine and Tatiana for joining this Golfers dream – it was a memorable few days and I highly recommend anyone who enjoys Golf & Life to put the 2018 WGC Mexico on your agenda.