A Taste of Punta Mita

A Cookbook by Carl Emberson

Over the years Punta Mita has developed into a true gourmet hotspot  – from the great restaurants in the Four Seasons Punta Mita and St Regis Punta Mita Resorts, to our Beach Clubs Pacifico & Kupuri, Sufi and Sufito to the charming Restaurant Row in Punta de Mita and other great dining spots in the village along with private Chefs, Punta Mita’s gourmet offerings today are world class. A Taste of Punta Mita pays tribute to all the Chefs in the area as well as those Chefs that have worked in Punta Mita in the past or visited and participated in any of our signature events such as Gourmet & Golf, Golf Kitchen or Chef’s Tables along with a few of our Residents own recipes. The book features recipes from 40 Chefs spanning 10 countries with over 70 innovative and refined recipes that are surprisingly easy to prepare in your own kitchen.

The Taste of Punta Mita Cookbook is a project created, produced, designed, edited & photographed by the Marketing & Operations team in Punta Mita to raise funds for Fundacion DINE Punta Mita. The final product is gratifying and grateful to my team for helping me make this dream come true.