As we begin 2014, I share a list compiled with basic tips for myself to follow!

My little hotelier guideline – Don’t discount for the sake of it – it affects our positioning, brand and margins. This is the year of the rate. Don’t miss any revenue opportunities. Make sure all our team members are aware of the opportunities and look for them. Social media management is a given; you have a worldwide audience — use it. Manage our costs! I am the host, the innkeeper and number-cruncher. Spread our wings. The team should know our financial performance as well as I do. Never compromise on our standards. All goods in and out should be checked daily and signed for. A purchase order system is a must. High costs — usually staff and utilities — must be managed. Have the personality, courage, clear vision and ambition to succeed. Encourage the team to perform to their optimum at all times and drive the business to success with a duty of care to customers, clients and staff. On a more personal note – walk the talk , take good care of wife, family & friends, network, keep fit and below 92Kgs, lower my handicap, look & learn, and most of all enjoy life.