39 Years later – nothing has changed

The guest still wants to feel that he or she is special

  • The guest is still looking for value for money spent
  • The internal customer is still looking to feel that they belong and matter to the organization
  • The owners are still pushing to achieve the best possible return from their investment

I was recently talking to my team and spoke of the importance of improving consistency and quality for our members whether it be focused on the company , the brand or the destination and it made me reflect that over my 39-year career while terminology may change, the basics remain and we are still looking for that “magical formula.”

We are in an industry where “humans serve humans.” And whether it may be further removed in some cases there is still the “human factor” involved at some level of the customer journey. We must continue to inspire and motivate our people so that they in turn will inspire and engage our Members, clients and customers who in turn become our loyal fans, clients and homeowners Every person, from the waiter to the CEO, matters. Our staff need to know what their role is in achieving success.   It is fundamental that we plan for “the human element” We discuss financial KPIs, goals and actions. However, how much time is spent developing a plan to inform and engage our team from Day One?

We too often spend over two hours discussing numbers and targets – we need to be sure our team are  “really” engaged and understand their role in achieving success – otherwise we will never make it I promise. When considering the internal foundation in delivering our goals in Punta Mita – it is very much humans serving humans that will create the magic and move the needle  – our team must be focused on our Members experience. It should never change: We must always consider the importance of our human assets when planning ahead and maximize all opportunities to create greater potential for your business. They are our principal asset