Dear Carl and your magnificent team, I wanted to write each and everyone a thank you note for helping me have the perfect wedding for my daughter. From Juan Carlos to making our first meeting so special that there was no way we would have it anywhere else. Grissel, there are no words to express my gratitude of your kindness and helping me in every way. Eunice, your patience with all the changes in reservations and doing it with pleasure and kindness. Our butler Carlos and every butler in the resort making our friends and family feel so special everyday. Friday night during our welcome dinner my sister in law dropped her big gold bracelet in the sand. The wonderful and honest Irving Martinez Ruiz from Arecas the adult pool went to find my sister Jenifer to ask if it was hers because he remembered after serving her she had a similar one. What a blessing to have such wonderful people working all together. From our family to your St Regis family we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And we wish for all of you peaceful holidays and a 2015 full of amazing health, over the happiness and great prosperity. All our best, Huge Hugs the size of Texas, Jolie, David, Juliana & Marty.

P.S our friends want to make an annual trip :)

Recieving messages such as the one above make anyone’s day – today I read this out to all employees in our Monthly staff meeting recognizing those mentioned and highlighting the importance of what each and everyone does can make an everlasting impact on our guests and people at large.