Sydney – must see, eat & visit – a trip downunder, July 2016

We recently returned from a trip down under visiting family and friends – while Sydney has come along way […]

Unsatisfied Guests · it is only natural that these can happen once in a while

Over the years I have had the opportunity to handle many complaints – be it one Valentines Day at […]


I just spent a short visit in what is without doubt one of Mexicos  leading luxury destinations – along […]

Guangzhou :: China trip 2015

The 2nd leg of our China Journey took us to Guangzhou – otherwise known as The goat city! Home […]

China :: Shenzchen 2015

A city that exemplifies the amazing growth in China – from a little town of no significance to a […]

Two Days in LA – a fun agenda and fun people

Sls Beverly Hills – certianly one of my favourite hotels especially so for the good scene. Bazar is one of […]

Mis años en Argentina – Revista Noticias

Mi querida Argentina! Cuándo te volveré a ver! Hace poco visité Buenos Aires de negocios y me quedé con gusto a […]

Cinco Argentinos en la Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

Juan Manuel Arias – living the dream
Conozco a Juan Manuel desde principios de los años ’90 en Argentina […]

Bleisure Trips

Bleisure. It’s perhaps the biggest travel trend –and travel blend-word– since the “staycation”.

In essence, a bleisure trip is what […]

A weekend on The Highland Mary – Victoria – Vancouver Island – Canada

I had always known Canada was a beautiful country from my early days in OZ – I believe the […]

Virtuoso Travel Week @ The Bellagio Las Vegas

It was as always fun to participate in another edition of this prestigious travel event. It remains without doubt […]